Hajia Taibat Okesanjo popularly known as Montai is an Amazon in our Society Today and the brain behind the empire Montai Boutique.

Her passion for exquisite style is seen when she graces any occasion around the World.

It’s not surprising she pursued her dream and created Montai Boutique, a place for Elegant shoes and bags.

Hajia Taibat says she is the simplest person on earth, when it comes to designing her outfit, she could even spend as low as 2,000 Naira. Although she has spent up to 50,000 Naira to make an outfit but her style is simple.

Now, When it comes to advising her customers on what kind of shoes to wear for an occasion, she has the best tips.

She said, first and foremost, we ask questions on what they really want, some will come with a demand for a particular colour is in different shades, so it depends on which exact shade they want, their budget is also very important, you can’t have a budget of 20,000 and you will looking at shoe worths 120,000, it won’t work, as a businesswoman, I have come to realise that it is important to have different prices of goods, so it can be affordable for everybody, fine, the cheapest item you will see in my place is for 30,000 for slippers, we still have some that are for like 350,000, 400,000, so as a customer, if you can’t afford those ones, we still have affordable ones for you, instead of losing customers.

So the next time you have a special occasion, stop by at Montai Boutique for that Shoe and bag that will make you stand out in the midst of the crowd.

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