Dr Olayinka Jibunoh has built a career as a consultant psychiatrist and psychologist based in Nigeria.

After 16 years in the industry she founded a health tech start-up called The Freudian Centre, which is an employee and family assistance program, that offers mental health care services for the child and adolescent population, working class sector, geriatric age group and addiction treatment services for all age groups.

This practice also offers sexual &reproductive health services in addition to wellness and lifestyle modification services as part of its preventive health services.

Her Educational background goes far back to when she she attended the prestigious Queen’s College, Yaba.

She has a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery from University of Lagos through an ExxonMobil Scholarship for academically outstanding undergraduates in STEM.

She then went on to bag an MSc in Health Policy from The Imperial College, London, UK.

Olayinka also attended the Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University, through a Cherie Blair Foundation Scholarship for outstanding female entrepreneurs.

And a recent Alumnae of The London Business School, UK

She has multiple certifications in psychology and psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults.