Olori Sandra Thomas is a seasoned business woman and a top notch beautician, She is the owner of LIAM’SSECRETS.

Liam’sSecrets range of Skincare products was burned out of passion from a woman who has worked closely with women on Skincare issues over a period of 12years, she clearly understood what quality and good skin care is all about, a beautician, skin care consultant, an author and very recently a Skincare products label owner.

In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, she tells us the story behind her brand, Liam’sSecret.


Tell us the story behind the name of your skin care line, Liam’sSecrets?

Liam’sSecrets as a label was borne out of passion for women and their skin, women love to care for their skin and we pride ourselves to meet that desire.


As an expert in the cosmetics industry, can you elaborate on the hidden opportunities in the industry?

The opportunities are enormous, its a huge market and we have quite a number yet untouched, the zeal to have good skin is popular at the moment and we as beauticians and skin experts will not let our consumers down.

Is the cosmetics Industry capital intensive to start up?

Very very, and I’m not talking about selling substandard skin care products, I’m talking about authentic skin care products…. investing in that aspect at the moment is quite intensive.


Since you have been running Liam’sSecrets, what are some of the challenges you have faced so far?

Electricity, FX fluctuations, low patronage because of the state of the nation and many more.



Compare and Contrast the cosmetics industry now and when you started?

When I started 12years ago the awareness was not really there, I did a lot of interviews and cajoling people to understand that a good skin speaks for itself, you don’t have to wear a billion dollar to look good, you can actually achieve a perfect skin glow while you wear not so expensive clothes and you get a billion dollar appearance in looks and elegance.


So why should I use Liam’sSecrets for my skin?

Its the best at the moment, free from all harmful chemicals, affordable and it works


Do you have any plans to expand the Liam’sSecrets brand in the nearest future?

Absolutely we have plans, and we are also looking at having stockists all over Nigeria thereby you have our products near you without breaking sweats.


Check us out on our Website: https://www.liamssecretsskincare.com/

Email: liamssecretsskincare@gmail.com

Instagram: @liamssecrets

WhatsApp: +2349063272582