Toyin Anthony is the Creative Director of Jitos Styles & Events Ltd

Her Company is into Home Fragrance Diffusers, Scented Candles and Decor.

She Graduated from the University of Ibadan 2004 with a B.A in Theatre Arts.

In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, Toyin Anthony, Creative Director of Jitos Styles & Events tells us how her business has thrived over the years.

You are a multi talented Entrepreneur who specializes in interior Fragrance/ Decor and Ready to Wear African Western Outfits so tell us how you managed to build Jitos Styles & Events into an outstanding brand?

First and foremost; I owe it all to God Almighty because He gave me the idea and He has helped me all the way.

Jitos Styles & Events Ltd has been a passion in me and over the years, it has been the dedication, consistency, originality and quality of Products.


In this economy where prices of goods are drastically increasing by the day, how do you manage to draw the line to know how to put a price on your products?


Wao! Truly I must say that it has been hectic having to deal with constant increase in exchange rate especially when you don’t know if it will reduce or keep increasing. (So uncertain.) This has really had a ripple effect on everything.

Thank God, we’ve been able to manage the pricing by increasing it to the nearest minimum; considering our customers… This affected our profit margins though but we trust God that things will turn around for good and get better.


Was there ever a time you stumbled on a road block that made you feel like giving up, How did you overcome that situation?

Hmm, I would say lack of funds but I never felt like giving up because I’m always excited about Interior Fragrance. I only prayed and tried to get a loan.



Starting up a business can be capital intensive. How did you manage to finance this business in it’s early days?

Very true. I actually started this business with just two bottles of Fragrance Diffusers and then I tried to sell it. After selling, I went back to buy again with the money and this time I added the profit I made to it and was able to buy more. So I kept selling and investing my profit. This wasn’t enough, so I presented the business to my Mentor, who now started giving me short term soft loans( with no interest paid) which I ensured I paid back at due date, then he will loan me again and again. This helped to grow the business to an extent till I was able to fund myself. But then, when you have to improve/expand, extra funding is always needed.


What can the Government do to encourage businesses like yours to thrive in our economy?

It will be Great if the Government can give us some Loans with very low interest rates or Grants. This will go a long way to help our businesses to thrive and be of good benefit to the Nation at Large. For instance, I need a N15m presently. There’s a business proposal for this presently.


Where do you hope to see Jitos Styles & Events in 5 years ?

Smiles, by God’s Grace, I see Jitos Styles & Events Ltd adding Great Values to Homes and Interiors in Nigeria and abroad with our carefully and lovingly made Hone Fragrances and also become a Household name with our Great and Fantastic Quality products in every home and interiors locally and Internationally by God’s Grace. Amen