Amb. Ujunwa Julie favour is an award winning strategist in human capital development and a sought after pragmatic speaker on capacity building.

Amb. Ujunwa is committed to both personal and community development in order to drive socio economic influence in Africa.

Spreading her tentacles of influence, she founded Trive360 out of her passion to harness the human spirit for positive and productive expression in solving personal development growth problems that challenge us in Africa.

She is also the founder of Ujunwa organics; an enterprise that creates organic products for healthy and abundant living.

Amb ujunwa is a receipent of GOTNI leadership training, documentary video creator, Trive360 fellow, a YALI member, an author and the lead facilitator at Sir Chidi Chiege Foundation,USA.

In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, Amb. Ujunwa tells us her passion for personal development in individuals.


What inspired your journey into creating Ujunwa organics?

Being an adventurous person,my journey into creating ujunwa organics was totally inspired by exploring nature ( the gift of God) to create beauty and sustence for humanity. Nature has great numerous benefits for humanity. I believe that the essence of nature is not just for their existence but to solve human problems… they are our greatest resource.


As an active volunteer, a creative thought leader and an Advocate for personal growth, tell us steps you have taken to encourage personal development in their lives of people?

Personal development is one of the key driver of individual success. i believe in its unique power to transform every individual into a person of value. In the last Ten Years I have passionately lead personal development revolutions across the States through organizing educative seminars , speaking to thousands of Youth on conferences engaging young people on personal development Trainings, Skill acquisitions,and one on one interactions.

I also created a platform Trive360 to ensure effectiveness in impacting lives across borders.



Now, with the present stare of Nigeria’s Economy, what will be your survival guide for the youth?

It is really a poor situation in Nigeria but to stand talk Every young individual must be a problem solver and value creator This will aid to boost ones personal economy. To raise the bar. learn a skill, be open the dynamics . Get a mentor who is willing to help you grow… I am glad to have Doctor Anayo Mbaduagha as a mentor .It has been a growth process.



Is it capital intensive to create an Organic Product?

Creating an Organic product is not first capital intensive it is more Labour intensive inorder to maintain the potency of the products but going forward to demands of consumers and expanding ones capacity one would need capital.


What were some of the challenges you have faced so far in pursuing your passion in Nigeria?

The challenge so far are part of the growth process. Starting up wasn’t easy

a.lack of labour.

b. increase in cost of

productions due to price increase.

c. sourcing of raw materials.

d . A credible mentor.


What makes Ujunwa Organics Stand out in the midst of the crowd?

Wow! our Organic products at ujunwa organics is everything natural, handmade, paraben free, gluten free . This is to ensure the potency and the beneficial properties of each components. They are 100% natural.

What would be an ideal plan to achieve financial freedom in Nigeria?

Financial freedom is important so No lazing around, Start early, create strong market value and brand follow the process, create an efficient system with credible employees.


Do you intend to your Initiative in the next 5 years ?

To cut across Africa and beyond as well create desired impact in people’s lives.