Flora Iyabo Katto Unravels herself in this interview with Women Connect. My name is Flora Iyabo katto. I am a Professional Teacher, Food Enterpreneur,a baker, Food Consultant, season facilitator,a resource person ,event planner and a confidential secretary.
I studied Home Economics education from Adeniran Ogunsanya college of education, which gave me the opportunity to major in all the 3 specialization ,Food and nutrition,home management,clothing and textile. Even though I was also trained by my grandma who was  a great caterer who taught me the  real act of the business of catering from  my teenage years.
I am a graduate of  Goldman Sachs,10,000 women alumni  university of Leeds U .S.A.I have also participated in so many workshops and seminars  as a school administrator and as an Enterpreneur.I worked several years as a classroom teacher in both private  primary and public secondary schools  before I resigned 4 years ago to grow my food business.
I am gentle as a dove strong 💪 like a 🦁 lion. I love people,I love children which why I founded  Fragrance of love foundation. why teaching as a Sunday school teacher several years and still teaching . I am unapologetic passionate foodie. I am married with 3 beautiful children. I am the founder of Luffitastier indoor and outdoor service.4 years ago. Luffitastier is a registered food and beverages,event planning and catering firm.we promote healthy lifestyle through our various carefully prepared meals ranging from continental and traditional cuisine, all occasion cakes, packaged snacks healthy cocktail, juices from fruits and vegetables, smoothie s and small chops.
Our services are session into curlinary arts , confectionery and training. We cater for all events such as wedding and engagement parties, birthday party, anniversary,dinner and surprise party Xmas party, seminar and workshop, breakfast meeting.hotpots for busy mothers, bachelor s  taking stress from them by helping to  stock  up 😁 their freezers with our delicious varieties  of meals.
Food gift items for Xmas including basket of fruits.
We have catered for   a good number of successful events as major caterer  for individual clients, corporate and public organizations one of such  events was when we  were state caterer representing
Them at age local government  by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode    end of the year dinner party for UAC staff .and weddings,dinners and more.We are very considerate in our prices per head  with so many options ,we also work within budget.we give free tasting of meals service for weddings if we have received 70% of money but charged for tasting when we have not been paid.
Our mission statement.
Promoting healthy lifestyle through carefully choosing, planning, cooling of healthy meals, beverages cakes and snacks to enhance and improve on the health of an individual family, community,state and the world. Train more people to cook healthy
Our core-values
Honesty, excellence, quality,delivering value promised our customers,prompt delivery, good customer service and righteousness.
Our scripture
Psalm 1 vs 3
Our flash products are
Delicious ofada and sauce, Amala abula.
We leave our clients with delicious experience.
WhatsApp Number: 08121714609, 09037959669
You Tube page Luffitastier channel.