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Oyinlola Sale

The Journey of Oyinlola Sale’s Media Career started when she graduated from Eastern New Mexico University, USA with a magna cum laude degree in Communications in 2009.

She started working with galaxy television as an entertainment reporter and presenter; this pushed her further to go into advertising, where she worked with bluebird communication. In 2013, she took a bold step and became a Presenter of A Woman’s World and Question of the Day on TVC News.

Now, after spending over 4 years in TVC, it was time to take a bigger step by working with KAFTAN TV, where she took the center stage in her career and became the Face of KAFTAN , as she was multi tasking as a News Anchor and a Presenter of a major program called Amazing Amazon.

Oyinlola Sale has interviewed over 100 women from different sectors, showcasing their businesses and the impact they are making in the Society. After leaving KAFTAN TV, she was inspired to create ‘Women Connect TV Show,’ which gives women more opportunity as they shatter glass ceilings in our society.

Women Connect is a program that will inspire women. One of the social development goals is to empower women around the world. It is a unique TV show where women can be informed, empowered and inspired. Oyinlola Sale is also an image consultant, media coach and an MC for various events here in Nigeria.