Smoked mackerel (fish) 
Smoked chicken 
Scotch bonnet (red pepper )
Sweet corn 
White onions 
Olive oil 
Seasoning cubes
1.cut plantain into round shape(big chunk) 
2.fry until it turns brown
3. Chopp the tomatoes in diced shape with the scotch bonnet 
4.chopp the onion in tiny strings 
5. Put 2 spoon of olive oil in a pan 
6. Stir fry the vegetables (tomatoes and all) 
Ways to make the round frittata 
1. Put a spoon of olive oil in a pan without heat
2.break the eggs in a bowl and mix it with the stir fry 
4.pour it inside the pan(make sure is a round and non stick pan) 
5.add the plantain round about it
6.  Add ur sausages same way
7. Add the smoked chicken and smoked mackerel together 
8.put in ur bell peppers
9. use a nonstick pot glass cover to cover it, it should be very tight and allow it to heat for 30minus with a very low heat( the heat will enable the frittata to form well)
 By Deborah Scott, CEO of Mercy Foods