ESV Gbonjugbola Amosu (BSc ,MFM, ANIVS) is a Chartered Estate Surveyor and Valuer with a wealth of experience spanning 15 years during which her professional stints were appreciated by successive notable firms like Dike&Co; Supo ojo&Co and Olatunde Ononuga&Co. The drive for professional excellence led to the birth of Bola Amosu and Associates (BAA) in 2018.

She is the Principal Partner Bola Amosu and Associates, a firm of professional Estate Surveyors and Valuers, bonded and driven by a compelling vision to render the highest standard of professional practice built in competence, strong ethics, excellence and integrity for ensuring total satisfaction of their client.

BAA was registered in 2018 as a firm of Estate Surveyor and Valuer, having received the due recognition and instrument of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) and the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria (ESVARBON) respectively, to practice professional services throughout the federation.

Their main area of specialization in Real Estate summarily encompasses;

Valuation for all purposes

Facility/property management

Property Brokerage (Lease & sales)

Project Management (Construction management)

Real estate Development/finance

Perfection of title.


In this Interview with Oyinlola Sale, Bola Amosu, Principal Partner Bola Amosu and Associates tells us the story behind starting her firm.

Tell us about your Journey into creating your Practice, Bola Amosu and Associates?

Creating a practice was more about passion for professionalism than any other thing as I have consistently created a niche around myself in successive firms I had earlier worked to have become partners. However, Visions of what a firm of Estate Surveyors and Valuers should add to the society led me to the path of establishing the firm.

Lessons abounds of how firms seemingly flourishing lost values and confidence of the regulatory authorities. How firms with solid brands became a shadow and how even those who are not professionals are taking over firms and seek to now direct cause of the professionals therein. All these were learning curves which ultimately prompted the birth of Bola Amosu & Associates with clear cut processes and Vision. The goal is to have mid term impact and meet a clear target within a decade of practice with milestone measures on yearly basis. Faithfully against odds, we are above average of the set parameters.


What are the economic opportunities in the Real Estate Sector in Nigeria?

The economic opportunities in Real Estate sector in Nigeria are indeed wide and not tapped to potentials as we speak. Products creation are just evolving. Those with low capital inroads can play well in the agency field and making impressive income. By agency they become a link between those who have properties for rent/lease/sale with those who desire same. That particular market is so wide bearing in mind that one of the basic needs of everyone and a family unit is shelter.

Those who have small capital can also key into shotlet promotions and make a living from such proceeds. Infact, this is so untapped currently that people don’t even know that you can simply pay a annual rent to a landlord and allow someone else pay back monthly at a premium to you. You may even furnish an apartment for those who seek daily pay. You may also create luxury experience for those who can afford same as an income generating activity. Shared apartments is also a growing field as working class without dependent in cities often seek such.

Facilities management is also an income generating stream for those so desirous to see themselves beyond what used to be “care taker” mode. Just that same is now more enhanced to include a real time provision of amenities for which comes at a premium.


Real Estate also afford an investment in assets whose value appreciates with time. Infact, a land bought when no infrastructure phase has not commenced in a location is bound to exceed a double folds once lay-out plans and development commences.

Also, opportunities abound for service providers in areas of energy generation, cleaning, waste management, security guards firms and even Water providers.


What are some of the challenges you have passed through in running this business?

The critical challenge is that of human resources; Government policies and multiple taxation to firms; Also, having to mostly provide those amenities that either to would have been available for businesses to thrive. Power and escalating rents are typical examples. Having to run most business hours on alternative source of energy keeps increasing the cost of doing businesses. However, we came around most of the challenges in good time. From having a long term lease on rent to lock the price to use of solar and communal power generating option. While a process devoid of emotions is used to address human resources.


What makes Bola Amosu and Associates to stand out in the midst of it’s competitors ?

BA&A has its core vision as a guiding principle. Clients are pleased to relate with a firm whose integrity has no negative ratings and who is able to deliver on core mandates of the profession. Need I add that Real Estate is just a fringe of the services Clients relates with us. Professionally we do Valuation services for all purposes, We carry out Feasibility and Viability appraisal for projects/businesses. Our project management delivery on construction sites is efficient and of course property/ Facility Management is in line with global standard of operation.

The truth remains we are indeed our own competitor as the profession we represent does not allow for commercials. Hence, every satisfied client is our ambassador for a repeat business or referral for new deals.