Sidikat Folami is a fashion business trainer, coach, mentor, and Podcaster.

A seasoned Dressmaker and Alterationist with 14 years of experience.

She helps and support fashion entrepreneurs to start, maintain and grow their fashion businesses. She organizes entrepreneurial education activities and training in formal and informal settings, using the language and tools they understand to enhance the entrepreneurial skills and mindset needed to thrive in their fashion businesses and career.

She is passionate about creating a new generation of fashion entrepreneurs and an excellent ecosystem that will make the Nigerian Fashion Industry a sustainable space.


An Alumna of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Enterprise Development Centre, Fate Foundation, Daystar Leadership Academy, and Peace Operations Training Institute.


6 figure Tailoring course

Fundamentals of Tailoring Business Program

Start and Grow Your Fashion Business Course

Successful Fashion-Preneur Live chat

The Women Fashion-Preneur Podcast

Unlocking the Authentic Power of Women in Fashion Business (A coaching Program to help women’s mental well-being and to balance work and personal life)

Business Development and Employment Templates

I have volunteered as a mentor in a women-based community of fashion entrepreneurs (African Fashion Development and Empowerment Centre), a marriage counseling group, Micro Mentor, and Currently at MUAZU Africa (An organization for female-led social enterprises)


O’Raybour Fashion’Frica, founded in 2009 and Located in Lagos, Nigeria is a bespoke dressmaking and clothing manufacturing company that makes clothes for the affluent woman and her daughter. The company also offers alteration services and manufactures branded Ankara fabrics.

Fashion PowerHouse, founded in 2019 and became registered as a Legal entity in 2021, is Fashion Business and Development company that mobilizes resources towards manpower and business development, facilitates training towards capacity building, Technical and Allied skill acquisition, organizes programs, seminars, workshops and events leading to ensuring both individual and Small business owners improve their competencies and also Standardize their businesses.

I have mentored, Coached and Trained over 5000 Fashion Entrepreneurs and Students in groups and individually since 2015 through my Fashion Business Programs and Resources.