Monica Nnoka, also known as The MOre Coach, authored the book titled ‘Journey of MOre’, a guided transformational journal that improves mental health and self-discovery.

As a mindset and transformational coach, she believes that when individual citizens reach their true potential, it will reflect on the nation’s status. With the book tagged ‘Your accountability partner in your journey to embracing your magnificence’, she intends to contribute to an emotionally healthier and confident populace. At the book launch, The MOre Coach narrated her inspiring story of how she moved from bitter to better after losing her job as a senior staff in a leading company in Nigeria.

In her speech, She asked Nigerians to have a more positive outlook on life as life is always working for our good no matter the circumstances, rather than thinking life is against us. She reiterated that the change in perception does not take the seeming problems away, but will allow us to see the inherent opportunities in the challenges.

She explained that the solutions to the problems faced in Nigeria are buried in Nigerians, and the citizens need to go past the difficult emotions and experiences to reveal their greatness. Becoming a solution provider to societal challenges begins with finding one’s true self and being in a healthy mental state, as that can be directly linked to the nation’s prosperity at large. The book helps people navigate life’s crises to discover themselves and their greater purpose in life.

Speaking at the book launch, The MOre Coach noted that “ The most important book a person will ever read is themselves and it is a lifelong experience. We all have to be more self-aware. Personal development is impossible without self-awareness.”

“We have to be participants in our evolution rather than being bystanders in our life and living life by default. We can choose to live a life of design and stop waiting for life to happen to us”, she added.

She also started a foundation for people who live on the streets that was triggered by seeing a physically challenged child crawling and begging on the streets.

25% of the proceeds from the book goes to the foundation to take people off the streets including those who have what she calls a diffability (different ability) and not a disability.


A copy of the book can be purchased at or send an email to


The MOre Coach is on Facebook and Instagram as @themorecoach.