In Celebration of their 34th Anniversary, Ladies Christian League held a Free Skill Acquisition at Anglican Church of the Ascension Opebi.

The President of Ladies Christian League, Mrs Belinda Amao said

several factors inspired them. First off, for community outreach, which can comes in various forms such as evangelism.

This time, they decided to meet their mission and values by empowering and uplifting individuals, not just spiritually but also practically; supporting their growth and well-being.

Ladies Christian League believes they should all be addressing the needs of the unemployed by empowering them with entrepreneurial skills.

Apart from the unemployed, this day and time calls for people to have a side business.

Every individual has an innate creative side that only needs to be harnessed.

Furthermore, as we are ageing gracefully and attaining the retirement age, we need to keep our hands and brain busy. Picking up a skill after retirement will aid healthy ageing, improve mood and mental stimulation.

Overall, the inspiration to organise the free skill acquisition programme is stermed from a desire to serve, support, and strengthen both the church community and the broader community it serves.

All the programmes Ladies Christian League Society organises from time to time aligns with our mission of equipping people with valuable knowledge and abilities that can improve their lives.

It also fostered connections within the church community and with those outside of it because the programme was open to all and sundry.

Let’s expect, Many more impactful programmes in months to come.