The time is here again when we rejoice and celebrate our destiny partners for the joy to bless and journey so far.

𝗧ð—Ūð—Ŋð—ķ𝘁ð—ĩð—Ū ð—Ąð—ē𝘄 𝗟ð—ķð—ģð—ē 𝗙𝗞𝘂ð—ŧð—ąð—Ū𝘁ð—ķ𝗞ð—ŧ’𝘀 𝗔ð—ŧð—ŧ𝘂ð—Ūð—đ program tagged: TAKING OVER ”𝗗ð—Ēð—Ĩ𝗖𝗔ð—Ķ 𝗛𝗘𝗔ð—Ĩ𝗧” ðŸŊ:𝟎 to Hold on December 11, 2021

We invite you to the third edition of 𝗧ð—Ūð—Ŋð—ķ𝘁ð—ĩð—Ū ð—Ąð—ē𝘄 𝗟ð—ķð—ģð—ē 𝗙𝗞𝘂ð—ŧð—ąð—Ū𝘁ð—ķ𝗞ð—ŧ’𝘀 𝗔ð—ŧð—ŧ𝘂ð—Ūð—đ program tagged: TAKING OVER ”𝗗ð—Ēð—Ĩ𝗖𝗔ð—Ķ 𝗛𝗘𝗔ð—Ĩ𝗧” ðŸŊ:𝟎

Adding value and celebrating our destiny helpers are core investments we cherish. Giving them the best is what our hearts desire to do always.

The journey started on a conscious note backed by like minded individuals to affect the world we live. For the great tasks ahead and continuity, we initiated the programme, charged us to 𝗔ð—Ĩ𝗜ð—Ķ𝗘 in 𝗗ð—ē𝗰ð—ē𝗚ð—Ŋð—ēð—ŋ ðŸŪ𝟎𝟭ðŸĩ. Interestingly, progress measures the level of steadfastness, in order to hit the goal and you must 𝗞𝗘𝗘ð—Ģ 𝗠ð—Ēð—Đð—œð—Ąð—š to get to the desired destination and before we knew it our beneficiaries are ð—§ð—”ð—žð—œð—Ąð—š ð—Ēð—Đ𝗘ð—Ĩ at alarming rate.

The ability to get a fair share of what one stands for is the inert that propels a winning mentality.

The speakers designated to speak at this year’s end of the year celebration, 𝗗ð—Ēð—Ĩ𝗖𝗔ð—Ķ 𝗛𝗘𝗔ð—Ĩ𝗧 ðŸŊ.𝟎 is an experienced woman who had threaded the path of widowhood. Her story is amazing and will surely impact on our lives.

𝗠ð—ŋ𝘀 𝗧ð—ĩð—ēð—ŋð—ē𝘀ð—Ū 𝗜𝗷ð—ēð—ŋð—ē is perfectly chosen for this and to her, life is nothing but what you choose to get out of it.

𝗕ð—ē ð—―ð—ŋð—ēð—―ð—Ūð—ŋð—ēð—ą ð—Ū𝘀 𝘀ð—ĩð—ē 𝘂ð—ŧð—đ𝗞𝗰ð—ļs ð—Ūð—ŧð—ą ð—ēð˜…ð—―ð—žð˜€ð—ēs 𝘁ð—ĩð—ē ð—ĩð—ķð—ąð—ąð—ēð—ŧ ð—―ð—ē𝗰𝘂ð—đð—ķð—Ūð—ŋð—ķ𝘁ð—ķð—ē𝘀 𝗞ð—ģ 𝘄ð—ķð—ąð—žð˜„ð—ĩð—žð—žð—ą.

We therefore need your support to be part of this ð—ēð—―ð—žð—°ð—ĩ 𝗚ð—Ūð—ļð—ķð—ŧð—ī ð—ē𝘃ð—ēð—ŧ𝘁.

We humbly solicit your assistance regarding ð—ģð—ķð—ŧð—Ūð—ŧ𝗰ð—ē ð—Ūð—ŧð—ą/𝗞ð—ŋ 𝘃ð—Ūð—ŋð—ķ𝗞𝘂𝘀 ð—īð—žð—žð—ąð˜€ (ð—ģð—žð—žð—ą ð—ķ𝘁ð—ē𝗚𝘀 & 𝗰ð—đ𝗞𝘁ð—ĩð—ķð—ŧð—ī) for the end of the year empowerment and gifts for 𝗊ð—ķð—ąð—žð˜„ð˜€ and 𝗊ð—ķð—ąð—žð˜„ð—ēð—ŋ𝘀 around us that do not have the means to meet some basic seasonal items especially foods and clothing.

To the glory of God, during our program last year, “𝗗𝗞ð—ŋ𝗰ð—Ū𝘀 𝗛ð—ēð—Ūð—ŋ𝘁 3.𝟎”,

we were able to provide various items of food, clothes, shoes, bags e.t.c for ðŸŊðŸąðŸ° widows & widowers.

We are trusting God to cater for ðŸąðŸŽðŸŽ widows and widowers at this year’s event with your support.

We are excited and confident that the little acts we had done in the past was quite encouraging and helped in no little way, preventing various unexpected situations like depression and inability to take care of petty financial responsibilities.

The end of the year programme for this season is tagged: ð—§ð—”ð—žð—œð—Ąð—š ð—Ēð—Đ𝗘ð—Ĩ.

𝗗ð—Ēð—Ĩ𝗖𝗔ð—Ķ𝗛𝗘𝗔ð—Ĩ𝗧ðŸŊ.𝟎 coming up as scheduled below:

𝗧ð—ĩð—ē𝗚ð—ē : ð—§ð—”ð—žð—œð—Ąð—š ð—Ēð—Đ𝗘ð—Ĩ

𝗗ð—Ū𝘁ð—ē: ð—Ķð—Ū𝘁𝘂ð—ŋð—ąð—Ū𝘆, 𝗗ð—ē𝗰ð—ē𝗚ð—Ŋð—ēð—ŋ 𝟭𝟭, ðŸŪ𝟎ðŸŪ𝟭

𝗧ð—ķ𝗚ð—ē: 𝟭𝟎ð—Ū𝗚 ð—―ð—ŋð—žð—šð—―ð˜

𝗙ð—Ēð—Ē𝗗 𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗠ð—Ķ ð—Ąð—˜ð—˜ð——ð—˜ð—— 𝗙ð—Ēð—Ĩ 𝗗𝗜ð—Ķ𝗧ð—Ĩ𝗜𝗕ð—Ļ𝗧𝗜ð—Ēð—Ą 𝗧ð—Ē 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗊𝗜𝗗ð—Ē𝗊ð—Ķ/𝗊𝗜𝗗ð—Ē𝗊𝗘ð—Ĩð—Ķ

45 bags of rice

30 bags of beans

30 bags of garri

50 Cartons of Indomie

80 Cartons of Satchet tomatoes

28 packs of Spaghetti

25 Cartons of Maggi

40 Cartons of Vegetable oil 1litre each

20 Bags of Salts

500 Bagco Bags for packing

35packs of 1kg Semolina

Packaging&Branding 60K

Pet Drinks- 45 Packs

Malt- 40Packs

Water- 50Packs


Juice- 2Packs

Face Mask- 500 pieces

Entertainment: 500 guests

𝗧𝗞𝘁ð—Ūð—đ ð—•ð˜‚ð—ąð—īð—ē𝘁 : ð—ĄðŸŊ,ðŸąðŸŽðŸŽ,𝟎𝟎𝟎

For your cash donation and sponsorship; see flier attached for our account details.

Your contribution will be hugely appreciated.

Watch out this space for more info.