Dr Nneka Nwobbi is a proud daughter of a Police officer and a business woman, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Iwenofu of Obosi in Anambra state. She is happily married to Arch Tony Nwobbi and have two children, Chika and Chinelo Nwobbi.

She had her primary education at Ladi Lak Primary school Apapa, secondary education at Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School, Yaba and Medical school at The College Of Medicine of the University of Lagos. Had other training to enhance her medical career.


Dr. Nwobbi founded Children Living With Cancer Foundation in 2003, while running a Resident program at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital, Lagos. She worked with Mount Sinai Hospitals, Jaiyeola Hospitals, Faith city Hospitals and Healing Field Clinics.


Have received numerous awards some of which are Lagos City News most gallant cancer awareness/education crusader

Inspiration International Excellent Leadership award National Missionary of St Paul Childhood Crusader Award

Award for the Upliftment of Medical Profession by the Association of Resident Doctors LUTH arm ELOY award for Humanitarian services Walk on Water Award for Childhood cancer awareness in Nigeria.


In this Interview with Oyinlola Sale, Dr Nneka Nwobbi takes us through her journey of passion for her NGO.


You recently received an Award from Ellen Adeyinka Anjorin Cancer Foundation, what impact did it have on Children Living with Cancer Foundation?

The EAACF Award came as a surprise and reaffirms our resolution to go on especially seeing how difficult it has become to raise funds to help the increasing number of children and families who need help.



When you established your NGO in 2003, what was the reaction of individuals?

In 2003 when we started, most of us here were not aware of childhood cancers. Many people would not even discuss it. Some felt such would befall for even daring to work in this field. Again, because of the low survival rate, many people thought it was a waste of time and money. A pharmacist, running a multinational company asked me to ho change our proposal to that of HIV/AIDS , then her company would sponsor the charity.

What has changed so far in Nigeria, regarding the treatment of Children Living with Cancer?

More awareness, increasing survival rates, more people are keying in. Many have being to our workshops, children and families know they have support groups to fall back on. Religious bodies are more welcoming to having us give seminars, lectures to their people.



Do you have any international support, since you started this initiative?

No international support yet though we are part of international bodies like Childhood Cancer International (CCI).


How many children have passed through this initiative and what has been the outcome so far ?

More than a thousand children considering we get calls from all over Nigeria to help.


What are your plans for Children Living with Cancer Foundation in 5 years ?

In the next 5years, we look forward to increasing the survival rate by 70% of what we have now, build a caregivers’ hostel that would accommodate caregivers coming from outside Lagos State, and accommodating a palliative and end of life centre.