At a time many Nigerians are getting disenchanted with the current situation in the country, they find succor in Sports, Arts and Entertainment.

So, they seek every available opportunity, with the ultimate objective of pursuing their dreams in foreign lands.

Unfortunately, many of them are taken advantage of, in the process; by unscrupulous and fraudulent foreign agents.

Fortunately for those Nigerians, however, Ebere Ijere Foundation (EIF) an organization set up by a Nigerian in the diaspora, Ebere Ijere Gomwalk decided to step into the gap; to rescue and prevent poor Nigerians, from fraudulent foreign agents and agencies; by generating programs that will empower and strengthen the soul of those vulnerable Nigerian youths.

According to the founder, Ebere, Sports, Arts and Entertainment platforms are being explored to achieve this goal.

Currently, it has brought into the country, a major global Basket Ball Coaching Clinic; to ramp up attention of the Youths to the sport.

Known as Infinitum Sports, the organization operates in many countries including US, Canada, Serbia, Russia and UK among others.

Founded by two Serbians, Aleksandar Zlatkovic and Nemanja Nedimovic, the Nigerian subsidiary of Infinitum Sports global is administered by a Nigerian Team; which includes the Admin, Tom Odeh, the CEO, TNT Academy Abuja, Ibrahim Omale and the group’s Nigerian Ambassador, Mrs Ebere Gomwalk-Ijere.*


Together, the Team is pursuing a relentless rescue of less privileged Nigerians from poverty into an empowered, sports-powered future of prosperity.

Infinitum sports provides the platform for youths who want to play their chosen sport; while studying abroad.

EIF founder says the Basket Ball body connects Participants with top American, Canadian or British schools!

Its major job is to find the perfect school/college where Participants will access the best possible scholarship.

Currently conducting a basketball clinic across the country, and with a token participation fee, Infinitum is getting its Nigerian Participants opportunities to access the best schools in the world using the basketball platform.


Ebere says her children have been beneficiaries of the Infinitum Sports basketball clinic and that is why she is convinced it will be of immense benefits to Nigerians at home.


Already running the first of such Camp in Abuja, Where says thousand of Nigerians are sending in applications online; while meetings are ongoing with interested State governments and corporate bodies to expand the scope, reach and objectives of the program.

For the EIF Creator, the driving force behind her compassion to help vulnerable Nigerians, is the reason for its current mission in Nigeria.

“We focus on helping the indigent and vulnerable and working with them we are making a difference in our society.” Says the EIF founder.

For her, the mission towards improving and blessing the lives of others is an imperative for all Privileged Nigerians, today.

With over ten years of Outreach, working with 500 and 234 plus Volunteers in 12 campaigns all over Africa, and twelve donations, Ebere asserts her obsession to rescue vulnerable Nigerians from their present predicament and empowering them; “not just to bless them and their families, but to be a blessing to their community.

This is our goal; and this should be the desire and determination of every Nigerian God has blessed at this time. Nigerians need it. Nigeria is desperately in need of it.” She submits.