Sip and Paint.NG provides opportunities for Youth Skill Acquisition and Extra curricular activities that in many ways will empower and open up channels of income to the youths in Ajegunle.

Sip and Paint. NG has a space in the new library building to develop creativity in the children of the Ajegunle area. Join us to ensure it’s a successful project.

Daniba Dan-Princewill was Born in Lagos, Nigeria, attended Corona , Grange and Lagoon Secondary School before attending Cinco Ranch High in Katy, Texas. Dani obtained her tertiary education at the Abilene Christian University in Texas, a prestigious private University where she studied Nutrition and Business with a Minor in Intercultural Communications.

Upon graduation she worked in managerial positions at Abercrombie and Fitch (A and F) where she was responsible for over 80 staff direct reports. She worked with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, where her skills in management and appreciation of fighting stress and maintaining mental health were greatly developed.

A serial entrepreneur, Dani’s love for the Arts derives from her creative pursuit of happiness and her eagerness to help others find balance and lead deliberate, meaningful and healthier lifestyles. Daniba Dan- Princewill is The Founder and Creative Director of Sip And Paint . NG and Managing Partner at The Metaphor. Sip and Paint. NG is a craft that is stimulating and relaxing, rejuvenating and stress relieving.

Dani ensures that all Sip and Paint . NG experiences focus on expression and optimism, simplicity and beauty. Sip and Paint . NG is THERAPY! Dani collaborates and partners with organizations and persons, creatives and luxury brands for value added experiences and enhanced mental health Result-driven, efficiency-oriented Professional, Dani has extensive formal training.

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For Enquiries, Call: +2349040000081