Emiola Adetunji-Mustapha is a life coach and business strategist who focuses on helping people and businesses achieve their goals.

She consults for start-ups and entrepreneurs, using tools that she developed from personal and business experiences gathered as an employee, entrepreneur and investor of over 20 Years.

Emiola is a versatile coach who draws from her education, years of leadership experience, business start-ups and management to develop and implement development strategies at personal and business levels.

A graduate of Business Administration and an MBA from University of Ilorin, she is a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer and a member of the John Maxwell TEAM. She is also a Certified Image Consultant.

She is a brilliant identifier of potential and talents, a versatile speaker and inspirational mentor.

Emiola is the author of the CEO Workbook, which gives a comprehensive tool to every CEO, offering a practical and trackable path to personal and business success.

She is an avid reader and the creator of Savvy Entrepreneur Network (SEN), a platform for savvy entrepreneurs to network, collaborate, get trained, unwind and many more.

Her statement of Strength to her Tribe is UNLEASH!


In this Interview with Oyinlola Sale, Emiola Adetunji-Mustapha tells us what inspired her to write CEO Workbook.

You are the formulator of the Goal2Results Concept – a Life and Business Success Classic designed to help individuals, businesses achieve their goals in record time. What inspired you to go on that journey to write the “CEO Workbook”?


Yes,l developed the Goal2Results Classic and also wrote the CEO workbook to help Business owners who also work as the CEOs of their businesses to Execute for success. As CEOs, especially when you don’t have the opportunity to work in larger organisations before starting your business, you have to learn on the job. The things I have observed, learned and practiced over the years is what I have put together to provide a sense of direction on how to lead and run a business. The book is divided into 3 parts.



What message are you trying to convey in your book “CEO Workbook” ?


The 1st part is about the identity of the CEO. Who are you?What is your mindset?What is your capability and capacity? What are your potentials,and what are the opportunities for growth as an individual and as the person leading the business.


The 2nd part of the book talks about the responsibilities, roles and duties of the CEO. There are things to do to make the business strive . There are things to pay attention to if your business will succeed. Most of the time, small business owners also work as the CEO. Therefore there is a need to know what works.


The 3rd part of the book talks about the growth potential and opportunities. Every CEO should answer his//her name. E X E C U T I V E and execute for success. However, there are no schools for the CEO, at best, you can attend a business school. Therefore, The CEO (Especially when you are also the Business owner) must intentionally grow to become that person who is capable of executing for success. To make it easy for the CEO, I have put together what it takes in the CEO Workbook.


l usually recommend that the CEO should have the book in view at all times to serve as a reminder, and also go through and take massive action on the 12 roles . As a CEO, you must have the right mindset, because the business cannot grow beyond your level of thinking. You are the business leader, remember, and everything rises and falls on leadership John C Maxwell


Is it capital intensive to publish a book of this Magnitude in Nigeria?


Yes it is capital intensive to publish a book in Nigeria. In fact you can only get the printed version of my book on Amazon. They do the printing for now. Printing in Nigeria is too expensive, but you can get the e-book and print.


What led you into becoming a Life Coach?


What led me to become a life coach?, very interesting question.I own a clothing store and l run it as well. Everyday, as against selling my clothes in peace ,’Laughs’ I counsel, I Coach, I advise, I mentor, I train, and so much more. In fact some people who have encountered me on the mentorship and coaching level call me a Catalyst.

So I decided to brush up on the skill and become a professional. And since l love John.C.Maxwell, I joined his team of World class Coaches in 2019. The fact that l can have an international exposure and interact with coaches all over the world made the Maxwell Leadership Certification very attractive . That was how l became a certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer


What are some of the challenges you have faced so far in running your business ?


Nigeria is a very wonderful place to live in. Sometimes it can be very discouraging to live and do business in this part of the world. However I love my people (Nigerians), we have a way of making our burden light. For example,look at the way we are dancing ‘Buga’ all over the place ,it is a way to unwind and forget our sorrows. To run a business in Nigeria is challenging. Even government regulations and policies are not friendly. Access to funding, ‘employee palaver’ are some of the challenges. Also, people don’t really value and respect being a coach in Nigeria unlike places like Europe and America


What would be an ideal plan to achieve financial freedom in Nigeria?


What will be an ideal plan to achieve financial plan,freedom in Nigeria?

I won’t say l know, I will just share my ideals. And I think one of them is to have multiple streams of income. Another one is to find a way to earn in foreign currency, especially dollars and Pounds.