Esther Ogunmefun Is a wife, mom, an auditor and an entrepreneur.

She is the Founder and CEO of Galaxy Beauty Place and Tkluxuryweaves & Wigs.

Galaxy Beauty Place was birth in the year 2014, located in Maryland USA.

Galaxy Beauty Place is licensed and registered business in the State of Maryland, USA. We take care of all hair types. Our services include but not limited to color services, weaves installation, frontal wigs installation, braids, crochet and all chemicals services.

This journey all started when my family relocated to the United State of America in 2010. When we arrived my first son was able to start school immediately but my second son was under school age. For two years I was a stay home mom taking care of my kids. I couldn’t go back to my profession which was accounting because because of my boys . After two years we arrive the State my second son was able to start school, and that was when I started thinking of what job to do that will accommodate me and my kids. My kids come first and also my husband wasn’t living with us at that time because of his businesses in Nigeria; he travels time to time to visit us.

In October 2012 I was sitting in the living room when I saw this advert on TV, that I can earn a cosmetology license within 9 months and start my own business. I thought about this and discussed it with my husband when he came to visit. Initially my husband didn’t support this idea because he was thinking how can an accountant be thinking of becoming a hairstylist. For me I wasn’t thinking as a hairstylist but thinking as a business owner lol. I saw this as an opportunity to earn money as a boss and also have quality time for my kids. My husband accepted and I proceeded to the beauty school.


Fast forward I went to a Beauty School, completed my 9 months (1500 hours) wrote my Boards exams become a Maryland licensed cosmetologist.

2014 I gave birth to my twins which prevented me from starting a business immediately I graduated from the hair school in 2013.

June 2014 Galaxy Beauty Place was birth.

In August 2016 I went back to school for my Master. In 2017 I graduated with my Master’s in Accounting from the prestigious Smith School of Business University of Maryland College Park, Maryland USA. I currently work full time as an Auditor.

In 2019 Tkluxuryweaves & Wigs was born. Tkluxuryweaves & Wigs is my hairline. I specialize in quality virgin human hair. Website, IG: Tkluxuryweaves.

Galaxy Beauty Place and Tkluxuryweaves by God’s grace have grown beyond my imagination. I look forward to having branches everywhere including Nigeria my birth country.