Olayinka Eyinfunjowo, popularly known as YeyeogeCatwalk has a great passion for her Jewellery business, She revealed to Women Connect what inspired her to set up her jewellery business called bjewel.

What inspired you to go into jewellery business?

Its always been one of my passion as a young adult if my Jewelries gets broken I don’t throw them away I put 2/3 different ones together and make a Jewelry out of it and my friends will always ask where I got it from, few will bring theirs for me and I will put it together into a nice neckpiece.

What drives your creativity?

One gets creative when there is a drive in you for more, and wanting to utilise my skills actually inspired me more.

How has the businesses been so far?

The fact that I see the trend of the beads jewellry industry too kicked up the skills more to add my style into the way Beads Jewellery are made take it away from the traditional norm.

What is your advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs ?

Whatever  business you want to do, first get skills, knowledge and passion and don’t start it any how just be focused and determined and remember there is no better time to start than NOW.

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