The Feminine Health & Fibroid (FHF) Support Network have kicked off a community outreach to reach out to more women in the community and to help and support women who are not privileged to be online or social media to connect with their Support Network via WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

They also took education, information and support to the grassroots community to create awareness and help more women speak out to get required help.

Their mission for December is to identify women with Feminine Health issues that require the support their network is offering.

They are here to serve and solve real issues for women.

The Founder of FHF, Toyin Taiwo says

they want to reach out to many communities as possible in Abuja and Lagos.

During the Outreach they want to promote Feminine Health awareness, Removing stigmatisation, encouraging women to speak up about issues they might be going through so they can get the right help.

Women health management and hygiene.

Most importantly, identify women that FHF Support Network can begin to support regarding their Feminine Health issues and get a management plan as required.