The past fifteen years have seen Pukka logistics and support services excel over and above industry peers in its corner of the Nigerian economy; popularly known as “the fix it all company” within the business space.

According to the Founder Mrs Beulah Akingbelu-Banjo; a Barrister and Chartered Secretary, the decision to form PUKKA stemmed from the need to bridge the service gap between Foreign investors, Nigerians living in diaspora and the professional support they require to start and run their businesses smoothly in Nigeria “and this singular step has not only been a big win for the company and clients so far but also for our dear nation; Nigeria”.

Beulah’s emergence in the service industry occurred naturally due to her altruistic nature and passion for service to others, dating back to her childhood days and the satisfaction she derives from owning and solving business worries is immeasurable.

For her, “The importance of finding an experienced and reliable hand for new investors and entities to navigate the intricacies of the regulatory framework and solve all incidental bottlenecks they may encounter in their venture into Nigeria’s unique business terrain cannot be undermined as it sets them up for success right from the very start”.

PUKKA’s main objective is to provide one stop support to ease business start-up and smooth operations of new and existing business entities in Nigeria with high level of integrity, efficiency, committed approach and strict adherence to international service standards which have been responsible for the success level of the company today.

“So long as we have your brief, you can go to sleep with your eyes closed; knowing we will do our job while you focus on achieving your core objectives” she said.

Pukka clients cut across several A-list multinationals, Nigerians in diaspora and Indigenous Entrepreneurs who enjoy maximum support in the areas of Company Formation, Procurement of Business Licenses from government authorities, Regulatory Compliances, Legal Advisory/Company Secretaryship, Immigration Consulting/Expatriate Management, Human Resources, Airport Protocol/Transfers, General Support.

Considering the level of trail-blazing command and respect her company enjoys in the industry today, she affirmed; “We are that one company you can absolutely rely on for the smooth sail of your entity in Nigeria.”

Despite Nigeria’s many challenges, she continues to rank high among nations as one of the best investment destinations in the world, driven by a population of over 225 million people (UN estimate July1, 2023) – growing at over 3% per annum and by an affluent and an increasing middle class, the “cosmopolitans” (higher middle class) and the affluent, together make 10% of the population accounting for 40% of total consumption.

Another 21% of the population could be considered “rising strivers!” and are therefore of interest to multinationals while about 65% of the Nigerian population is younger than 25 years.

In her charge to the Federal Government of Nigeria and the new President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, through the relevant ministries, PUKKA boss said; “Government should continue to explore and introduce new ways of creating the ease of doing business in Nigeria for the greater good and prosperity of our beloved nation.”