Oluwatomi Olatoye is the CEO of Green Gold Herbal Teas and Spices. She is a certified Naturopath and Home Garden Enthusiast, she speaks on Stevia, a 100% Natural Sweetner with many Health Benefits.
Refined sugar  is widely consumed by billions of people across the globe. In Nigeria alone
according to statistics Nigeria per capita sugar consumption is currently estimated at
9.7 kilograms. An average Nigerian consumes about 9.7kg per annum. Refined sugar over the years has been linked to several diseases. Because of this, many people are looking for alternative, natural sweeteners to satisfy their sweet tooth.
Stevia is a healthy, harmless, calorie-free sweetener
Stevia is a deciduous plant and 100% natural sweetener without any calorie content. Stevia extract is approximately 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.
History: Healthy effects of Stevia have been used by people thousands of years ago
More than 1500 years ago, people from Brazil and Paraguay used this non-caloric sweetener to taste teas, as a medicine or sweet treat.  In South American countries, Stevia has been used in traditional medicine to treat burns, stomach complaints and colic.
Because of stevia several Health Benefits, we launched a campaign early this year encouraging Nigerians to Buy our
 Potted Stevia Plant and “Grow Green Sugar”
*It helps with weight loss, regulates sugar levels and lowers blood pressure. And this is just a fraction of the miracles that Stevia can do with our health.
* Stevia and Diabetes  – Regulates glucose levels. Stevia is used as a sugar substitute, especially in diabetics, because its sweet component stevioside is not broken down or absorbed in the body. Stevia as a glucose stabilizer also promotes healthy pancreas function.  Stevioside increases insulin sensitivity, which helps reduce blood sugar. This makes Stevia a recommended dietary supplement in diabetics suffering from type 2 diabetes.
* Lowers blood pressure
Stevia lowers blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. Hypertension is the most common heart disease and affects up to 1/4 of the population whose blood pressure is greater than 140 to 90 mmHg. The first results of the effects of Stevia on blood pressure appear after 2 weeks of daily consumption. If you have high blood pressure among your family members, you should not delay putting your Stevia in your diet for a long time. It is sufficient if you take one cup of tea of Stevia a day to maintain a healthy blood pressure level and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
* Reduces the risk of breast cancer
Stevioside increases apoptosis (cell death, or DNA cell breakdown into tiny particles) and reduces certain stress pathways in the body that can cause cancer cell growth. This is the first study to demonstrate the positive effects of stevioside in the prevention of breast cancer.
 *It relieves digestive problems – a cup of warm Stevia tea treats health problems related to digestive problems, cold Stevia tea will relieve you of heartburn
 * Maintains healthy teeth and protects gums
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents prevent the colonization of bacteria in the oral cavity, which contribute to the formation of gingivitis and oral plaque.  Sprinkle a few  drops of Stevia powder in addition to toothbrush or try mouthwash or clean water mixed with Stevia.
 * Stevia extracts Reduces wrinkles and skin lines –
Retinoic acid in stevia prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin, thereby regulating wrinkle formation. In addition, Stevia reduces sebum production, increasing the life of skin cells.  Although there is no guaranteed medicine to stay forever young, try mixing your face cream with a little Stevia extract. If you don’t see the result immediately, ask your mirror.
 *Effective remedy for dandruff and acne
Stevia contains a number of antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents that can cope with unpleasant rashes on the face or annoying hair dandruff.
If you have tried a number of guaranteed advice promoted online without a lasting effect in combating acne or dandruff, try Stevia. Its green leaves can breathe new life even with dry and broken hair.
Join the Stevia Users today.
2-3 stands of Stevia in your balcony will go a long way in shaping and saving our lives.
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