Chineye Victory Akingbade is an award-winning dance and aerobics instructor, choreographer, personal trainer, wellness and lifestyle coach. She chooses to use her profession as a medium to reach out to help people stay fit and healthy and to regenerate youths for excellence. Akingbade, popularly known as Vicky Dancer is a theatre arts graduate of the University of Benin and a HitFitLife trained fitness instructor. She is a member of Africa Registered Exercise Practitioners (AREPS) and the Association of Wellness and Fitness Professionals. Her versatility and knack for creativity have made her one of the most sought after, as such, she has worked with great artistes, corporate bodies, (home and abroad). She is happily married and blessed with children.


In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, she explains us how she has made a great impact in the Nigerian dance industry.


Dance is like a hobby in this part of the world, how did you manage to brand it to make it a money-making venture?

First of all, no matter what others would tell you, it is possible to make money through dancing. To make money in dancing, you need to be professional in your field. You need to study, learn, unlearn, relearn and keep developing yourself.

I have always loved to do or get involved in anything that is very energetic. I add value/life to any event or programme I go to. Right from my primary school days, I have loved dancing. I was the lead dancer in my primary and secondary schools, representing my schools at different competitions and winning prizes.

Also, I was the captain of our football team back then in school. I actively played football and won trophies for my school and I played for some great football teams in Lagos. Golden Girls football team, TTC, Pepsi Football Academy were a few clubs I played for.

So, for further development, I had to study dance at the university and I was also trained as an aerobics instructor.


I had to constructively build my brand to meet up clients’ demands. I had to put structure in place; asking myself some deep questions.

Vicky, what are people’s challenges? How do I use my gift in dancing to provide solutions to people’s problems? How do I add value to lives through dance?

Honestly, these questions helped me brand my business well. I creatively use dance to offer a full health and fitness programme in the comfort of our physical or virtual sessions with clients. We help people especially, women to figure out a way to execute a fit, happy, healthy lifestyle within the constraints of a busy, full life.

Can you elaborate on the growth of the Dance Industry in Nigeria?

Dance has come a long way in the Nigerian entertainment industry and the growth and progress of the dance industry in Nigeria has continued to attract attention and stimulate discourse aimed at repositioning the industry.


To be honest, the dance industry in Nigeria is growing to become more sustainable unlike when it wasn’t well accepted or valued.

A dance career is very respectable and with it, dancers can go international too.

The cooperation among dancers, by supporting one another like other industries has truly been simply amazing. And with this, the dance industry in Nigeria is being promoted to a broader global audience.


How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way you operate as a dancer, has it made you creative?

Pandemic made me more creative. Practically, almost all systems were shut down. There was no school, no church/mosque activities. People were working from home for months. All these and more were affecting many lives negatively.


So, for my brand to provide solutions and remain relevant in business, I had to creatively and uniquely use my dance sessions (virtually) to help people prioritise their health, teaching the importance of staying fit and healthy despite the lockdown. Though systems may be locked down our health shouldn’t be shut down. We need to stay active and out of boredom to make everyone physically and mentally stable while achieving their target daily. It was a great one truly.


Pandemic helped me to live a life of more gratitude. Many times we complain about the little we have whereas to some people, the little you are grumbling about is the best they could ever wish or desire for.

During the pandemic, my brand was able to reach out to over 1000 families in my community Adiyan-Agbado. We provided food palliatives, shelters, clothing to both old and young and people physically challenged with kind support from good people. And this act hasn’t stopped.

Many people especially, women (widows and married) have been empowered. Some are established in various businesses and they are doing so well. Recently, with kind support from lovely people, again, I was able to give out school items to students. I also paid some students’ school fees.


Do we have a lot of women in the Dance Industry, and if not, why?

Yes, we do. A lot of women are in the dance industry and this is good.


The industry is churning out a lot of creative dancers, so tell us how you have managed to create an indispensable brand?

My identity is associated with peculiarity, proficiency, professionalism, purpose-driven efforts, and punctuality.

I have the knack of blending both cultural and contemporary dances and presenting creatively designed performances that hold everyone spellbound, asking for more.

As clearly stated on my profile, I run a registered dance firm called Just Dance Entertainment with professionals that are highly energetic, creative, charismatic, punctual, and with a good attitude.

We specialise in dance, video choreography (creating choreography for performances), dance training, and advertisement. Also, I run a fitness line called StayFitwith Vicky (A subsidiary of my dance company). Our tailored fitness training programmes take a total health approach which includes exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors. This holistic approach offers motivation and encouragement; whole-body health assessments; personalised exercise programmes (either at your workplace or an outdoor location); diet and nutrition plan and health coaching to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

I set up my sessions to often fit within business schedules, whether during operating hours, after hours, or at the weekend.

Dancing is magnetic and enjoyable health-promoting physical activity and dancing has many health benefits which include; improvement of conditions of heart and lungs; weight management and increases in muscular strength among others.

For me, using dance to help people to achieve a better version of themselves in health and clients’ confidence in my services have always inspired me for better delivery and has helped me create an indispensable brand.


How have you managed to change the perception of female dancers?

It has been a process changing the perception of female dancers and honestly, I am grateful for the opportunity and progress so far.

What does it take for one to be a professional dancer in Nigeria?

Aside from passion, which is very good, to be a professional dancer, you must have some qualities. These include a high level of commitment, energy, and stamina, while adequate experience in the dance industry is desirable.

Also, you must be talented, you must have natural charisma and artistic instinct. You must be very creative. You must have an excellent understanding of service and customer focus. You must also have distinctive musical and rhythmical sensibilities as well as professional training in different kinds of dancing.

You must be willing to learn and develop on yourself


What were some of your biggest fears, when you stepped into the dance industry?

Honestly, I had no fear of venturing into the dance industry. This could have been because I have always loved to dance and was already dancing but not professionally. I was so determined to make it and with a grateful heart to God, I make bold to say God has been helping me and he is still helping me.

According to the powerful statement in the scripture in Proverbs 18 verse 16, A man’s gift makes room for him.


So, What do you hope to have achieved in the next 5 years in the dance industry?

I’ve got a lot of things to achieve in the dance industry and I know with God Almighty on my side it will be a reality.