Faatimah Olufunke Sola-Adebayo, is an Intentional Coach that is enthusiastic, self motivated and is always striving to achieve a very high standard in whatever is undertaken.

Faatimah has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Lagos State University and has had several trainings in Nutrition, Food Hygiene, Fruit Carving/Artistry and Healthy Catering, Natural beauty formulation, Life Coaching etc.

With over 20 years experience in the multinational industry she has gained immensely in the areas of Public Affairs Relations, Human Resources, Safety, Peer Health Education, Event Planning Skills, etc.

Having under her belt:
Post Graduate Diploma in Management – (LASU)

Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management (Associate – CIPMN)

She is the Founder of Jolly Good Fellow (JGF) social media platform where women from different works of lives engage in purposeful discussions.
She is the brain behind the JGF Cooperative – a financial intelligence initiative which enables women to put part of their earnings aside for rainy days.

Also a Founder of Embrace True Foundation and Co-Founder of Yalla Habibi.

In 2019, Faatimah was honored as the Head of Women (Hamirah) in Chevron Community Mosque.

She is extremely passionate about Mental Health Awareness and has attended numerous courses and seminars to improve her knowledge on the subject. Her ultimate goal is to serve Allah through service to humanity.

She just concluded a Marriage Counselling Coaching. This is to help herself and others attain a healthy marital journey.

In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, Faatimah Olufunke Sola-Adebayo takes us through her journey as the intentional coach.

Now, tell us why they call you the intentional coach?

The intentional coach actually emerged from what life threw at me, at a certain stage in my life. We have found that decision as a response to go study life more. I had to go for some courses and that helped in the area of self respect and self love , self focus on God and other decision one can take to whatever life throws at you, since then my slogan has been. Intentionally standing tall, we should not give up on life, because life is so beautiful standing tall.

As an NGO Practitioner, What was the motive behind creating two foundations?

Creating two foundations for now, is means of coverage for my spiritual belief and humanity in general.
Yalla Habibi Foundation is an Islamic relieve charity, we do majority of our charity work during Ramadan, like this year 2021, is tagged Ramadan for everyone. Everyone benefits from the charity been deployed, Christians and muslims.
Embrace true foundation is channeled towards mother, child care and care of elderly people.

So, What impact has Yalla Habibi Foundation made in the society?

Yalla Habibi has impacted the society in so many ways, we have fed the fasting Muslim for three consecutive years. It’s not actually only in our community, we have expanded even through Ilorin, they are widows that we have helped in our other communities apart from Lagos State. We have also helped to disburse any kind of support from any NGO’s to the less privileged. Some people contacted us for distribution of food boxes and wheelchairs and it was carried out effeciently. We empowered women and we started with 50 crates of egg for women that are in need.

What are the challenges you have faced running this foundation?

The major challenge is funding, we are currently funding it through big members and board members as well as donations from the public.


As a woman with so many responsibilities, how do you start your day?

I am really not complete, If I don’t take my step on a daily basis and my prayer is the first thing , I do every morning.

How did you manage to finance this Organisation in it’s early days?

In the early days of this Foundation, we started with money out of pocket and donations from members of the Foundation and the public are doing a lot to help us too, without being asked.


Were you ever afraid when you ventured into this?

I never had any fear when we be ventured into creating this Foundation, because I believed it will Work and God has been awesome all the way.

Tell us about a highly difficult period and how you managed to overcome that situation?

There was a big blow I had and I kept asking myself that am I that bad and the only concellation, I could get was having God by my side. This actually made me stronger and to come up with a slogan, intentionally standing tall.

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