Melting Moments is a Food and Beverage company operating out of Nigeria and serving the Nigerian market with several Commercially packaged products such as ,chin chin, cookies, pop corns with different flavours, High-indemand Gelato’s with several roll-out flavours like baba dudu etc.

Also we have a Large Production facility Located in Simawa-Ogun State and sitting on approximately 4,000sqm and houses over 25 production staff.


Logix Supply Force Limited – A West African supply and Distribution Company with the primary aim of distributing scarce & quality consumables / products across the west African region. Also help SME’s to get into the retail industry – Mega Supermarkets included.

Tolulope is a young African professional with a global perspective. She has over 10 years experience in management, business integration and business development within the Food & Beverage, FMCG sector in the Western Africa.

Since 2011 Tolulope has been building a company that has interestingly grown within this region with great backward integration potentials. She has applied this same development strategy and knowledge to build 2 other start up companies in the West African region.

In all 3 companies i function actively in the day-to-day operations and sit-in CEO with the aim of growing the brand and company to a Multi-million dollar company. One of our companies is currently valued at $1 Million USD and its potential is limitless.

She is a Gold member of Under40CEOs, Member of 10,000 Women Goldman sachs Alumni community, which is a global initiative that fosters economic growth by providing women entrepreneurs around the world with a business and management education, mentoring and networking and access to capital. She is an Alumni – Enterprise Development Center (Pan Atlantic University) & Member of Business Network International.

Other qualifications include Mini MBA from IFC (world bank), 3 Certification is Entrepreneurial Management, other certificates focused round her industry which is Food processing.

Some of Challenges that we resolve

Immediate employment for African Nationals or at least anavenue for skill transfer from Expats on several projects in the FMCG Space.

She provides advisory services for FREE to promising SME’s.

The outcome and impact on Society

Payment plans are well structured for SME’s to enable themfunction unstrained.

Job Creation and security for Nationals.

In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, Tolu Samaiye, Founder of Melting Moments tells us how she managed to build a sustainable brand.

As the Founder of Melting Moments, tell us how you managed to build an outstanding brand?

As the founder of MELTING MOMENTS,it has been my baby for 9years now,and in every process we learn everyday to develop and upgrade. How,l have manage so far to this level is by working together as a team with people, seeking advice.l also have a focus group whenever l want to make ideas or decisions on how to deliver. l look at the customers perspective,in order to satisfy the customers.l also look at how we can be unique and standout,the kind of flavours to induce,where part of the things that we put together to make our brands professional.



The Food Industry in Nigeria has become innovative, it is more about the creativity infused with good taste. What inspires your creativity ?

What inspire my creativity is the blend of Africans flavours, that was not explored. l remember growing up,l used to be upset wit babadudu and sisiplebe.l thought to myself that,how can we infuse this flavours into our confectionaries and enjoy it,and not just say or thought that when you hear of babadudu,the first thing that comes to your mind is the blacksweet of those days.That’s why my childhood memories inspires the blend of creativity.


In this economy where prices of goods are drastically increasing by the day, how do you manage to draw the line to know how to put a price on your services?

This is a very good question. First of all,you have to identify the economy you are in,and know that Nigeria prices are not stable.Whenever we are working on our cost of productions, we did give allowance for infusions,because especially when you are in a fast consuming growth industry,you can’t increase your price immediately.For 2years now,we have not change our prices.


The Food Industry sees a daily increase in the number of players. In what ways does ingnite Melting Moments to stand out ?

Yes there is,always a new competitor coming out.The truth is that the market is really big for all of us.You have to always look out for your unique selling points,in order to stand out from the crowd.And ours is always honesty infusing local ingredients into our products,local flavours.


The Food Industry is capital intensive. How did you manage to finance this business in it’s early days?

Yes it’s capital intensive. We started with family and friends,that’s always the first point of call,when you are trying to raise finances for your business. Family and friends is always the first place to start from,before we started going to banks and investment companies.


What should we expect from Melting Moments in the next 5 years?

In the next 5years,MELTING MOMENTS,will be in every household.We are going to be making milk and coco powder by carbonated soda.

Think of any confectionaries,any of the things you need at home,in terms of food, pastries.Think of the products line,melting moments is going to take over Africa and West Africa in 5years .