Ngozi Ekong is a mum of 2 and the founder of ConqueringBPI an Online and Offline support group for mums of Kids with BPI. Statistics states that 1 in 1000 births may result in erbs palsy and this is as result of pulling the child from the mum’s pelvis when he or she is stuck.
The brachial plexus is a network of intertwined nerves that control movement and sensation in the arm and hand. Most times the damage occurs at the point of delivery either vaginal or CS.
ConqueringBPI was founded due to the lack of awareness and information on BPI in Nigeria, to help mums navigate the traumatic experience faced at childbirth both mentally and education wise. This group provides a safe place for mums to share and heal from the trauma they had experienced during child birth.
They organize Free Online assessment and reviews by US and Turkish based Physio Therapist to help mums with hands on experience in managing BPI.
Instagram page: @conqueringBPI