Temitope Oluwafemi is the creative director of Oluwafemi Woman. A retail workwear and high street fashion brand from the Oluwafemi Woman brand and other world class brands.

It is a multi brand store that offers high quality and affordable women’s clothes, designed and created to make women look their absolute best without having to break their bank.

The Oluwafemi Woman store was opened in the year 2016 and has since catered to the fashion needs of various women from every walk of life.

There are know for affordability, Oluwafemi woman has remained a household name to be reckoned with in the fashion retail industry and on all social media platforms where it has a presence.


In this interview with Oyinlola Sale, Temitope Oluwafemi tells us how she has managed to build a sustainable fashion brand.


What inspired you to create Oluwafemi Woman?

What inspired me to create Oluwafemi Woman was the desire to see women in clothes that would make them look extremely good without breaking their bank for it. I realized that Nigerian women like to good a lot, even when you go out on the streets everywhere you go, you see women from all walks of life dressed to the nines, i just wanted them to be able to achieve this desire in an affordable way.


Your designs are quite exquisite, most of them don’t even look like their made in Nigeria, how did you manage to create that world class standard ?

Firstly, we are multibrand store, which means we retail clothes from various brands and ours too which we produce in Istanbul, Turkey .We also have some locally produced items and we are finicky about making sure they are up to international standards at all times.

What are the important details that one needs to pay attention to in order to excel in the field of Fashion ?

In order to excel in the field of fashion especially in this part of the world, you have to be consistent, meaning be ready to face all odds and not give up.Also you have to know ur target market and cater to their fashion needs, not try to create for the whole world.Be clear about who you’re creating your items for, have a niche, stick to them and be consistent.


What are the challenges you have faced so far in running Oluwafemi Woman?

The challenges are a lot, for one the lack of constant power, it increases the overhead cost of everything, also the ever rising dollar exchange rate, the inflation in the economy, cost of living has gone up & income has not increased, this has affected the customers purchasing power, just to say a few.