Princess Abimbola William-Okpabi is the CEO of Beepluz Pharmaceuticals and Supermarket.

She also owns Beepluz Fabrics.

Princess Abimbola’s business sense started a long time ago in Lagos state University, where she studied Economics and graduated with honours.

While in the University, she was a Campus journalist for the Nation Newspapers, covering campus beats for Campus Life, A pull out section in The Nation Newspapers.

After Graduation, she ventured into Business.

Took some Business Classes at the National Directorate of Employment.

Now she runs two major businesses and a Farm Centre. (Livestock)

In her spare time, she teaches Entrepreneurs on how to Scale up their business to maximise profit.


In this Interview with Oyinlola Sale, she tells us her secret of managing several successful businesses over the years.


Over the years, how have you managed to successfully grow Beepluz Pharmaceuticals & Supermarket and as well as Beepluz Fabrics?

I started business quite early, at the age of 20, I was already going to Cotonou to buy their Ankara wax to sell when I go back to school , then as an undergraduate at Lagos state University.

I studied Economics so I knew the rudiments of human wants and resources.

Establishing a Supermarket/pharmacy was an answer to the needs of the people around my environment.

Yes, we employed resident pharmacists to attend to our teeming clients, so the Beepluz Brand, actually is an employer of Labour to curb the menace of unemployment in our own way.

Why did you decide to become a serial entrepreneur in an unstable economy?

The unstable economy has birthed a lot of businesses so the Beepluz Brand isn’t any difference per say.

Multiple Streams of income has never been more important that it is now.

If a particular sector of the economy is not viable, it makes sense to try out other ventures to secure profit and grow the business continuously.




Now, would you say it’s the Economy in Nigeria that led you into setting up multiple companies?

The forex hike has actually led to a lot of losses on the importation arm of businesses, but this has also created opportunities for home grown and locally based textile factories.

Even most of our groceries for the Supermarket are locally sourced. For example Yougurts from kano..locally made spices from the East other entrepreneurs also who are making good use of our local resources.


Now, why did you choose to go into different industries, from Pharmaceuticals to Fabrics?

In business, you innovate or die… Fabrics sourcing is a skill I learnt as an undergraduate which I’ve horned into a viable business venture..Beepluz Supermarket and Pharmacy is the parent Company, diversity is the sole of business.




Do you still intend to establish more businesses?

Yes of course,

The tourism sector is an area I would love to explore due to my passion for travelling and experiencing new places.

I reside in One of the ancients towns in Lagos, with a lot history, Badagry specifically and there are loads of untapped tourism opportunities therein.


What are some of the challenges you have faced so far in operating different types of businesses in Nigeria?

The Challenges are enormous but these are hurdles every Entrepreneur must go through. Other countries can have it mush easier than we do here, but I see it as if you can succeed in business in Nigeria, you can succeed anywhere in the world.

What business lessons did you learn along the way In building strong brands in Nigeria?

Well, I would say the business lessons are ongoing. Covid brought a lot of challenges, so we are now battling a post pandemic world. Customer behaviour too changed along the line. Most transactions are now via zoom or strictly online except for exceptions here and there. So its still a learning curve.

Tenacity is one important thing you have to build now as a business owner.


In the next 5 years, what is your dream for your Beepluz Empire?

My dream in the 5 years is actually a one year dream.

Going Global.

Giving more time to serve humanity.

Leveraging on existing opportunities to create more businesses.