For over 10 years, Powergen Engineering Olubusola Oyebadejo heads a Power solutions company called Powergen Engineering limited. Powergen provides total solutions for your power needs. The company is into sales of generators, Transformers, inverters, ATS panels and Solar Solutions.

Olubusola is a 1994 graduate of Statistics from the University of Ibadan and has an MBA from University of Lagos – 1997 and MBA from Metropolitan School of Business & management Management(UK.) She also qualified as Microsoft Certified Professional in year 2000. Her career has spanned over the Banking, Engineer-ing and the Oil and Gas sectors.

Her work experience began as a Credit and Marketing executive with Meridien Equity Bank Lagos. She moved to L.N. Engineering Ltd in 1996 as a Sales and Marketing Execu-

tive and later joined Lordmart Nigeria Ltd as a Credit Control Manager where she effectively exhibited her skills in credit management and client relations. She rose to top management level as the head of HR/Admin Operations and eventually took over as the AGM operations of Lordmart Nig. Ltd.

In 2005, she joined the Elektrint Group as the Group Head, Business Development and Strategy – (M&E, Oil and Gas & Civil Construction), she was there till she established POWERGEN Engineering Ltd in 2008. In 2015 she became a partner with Primepower Systems Limited owing to her vast experience and knowledge with infrastructure management and consultancy.

Asides her huge involvement in the Power & Energy sector she is also a Director with Casasolida Limited, a Real Estate firm that specialises in real estate support solutions.


In this Interview with Oyinlola Sale, Busola Oyebadejo, CEO Of Powergen Engineering tells us how she has managed to change the game in the industry.


For over 10 years, Powergen Engineering Ltd has been actively involved in power solutions Infrastructure managemen t and real estate support services, what is the story behind your achievement?


Truly POWERGEN was set up as a consulting business to help clients in need of power advisory at the time but within a short period we grew into full alternative power solutions services

We were able to discover some gaps in this area of service and we filled the gap to satisfy our customers who believed in us.

We started with advisory & sales of Generators as back up alternative solutions and gradually we included the Solar & inverter solutions bases on demand in the market.

As the business grew we included sales of Transformers & Electrical Installations such as Rural electrification and installation of Transformer & dedicated feeders.

with our huge involvement with the real estate sector we partnered majorly with developers to profer best solutions that suits the project models. such as BOOT power Management arrangement etc. This has helped tremendously in reducing pressure on some developers and equally kept us In returned businesses with the sector.

We finally introduced Low Voltage products and lightning solutions to our product offerings considering that these are product in high demand with companies we do business with do we can be that one stop shop to solve your power & electrical needs.

I would say resilience & consistency is key and ensuring to keep sourcing opportunities that will keep the brand going.


How have you managed to break the stereotype of a woman leading a company like Powergen Engineering in a male dominated field?

By trying so hard not to display any form of gender emotions on the job. On the job we categorize every one as equal and the team has come to accept me on the field knowing that what a man can do a woman can do even better.



How has your Company, Powergen Engineering changed the game in the engineering sector?

By our continuous creativity & diversification, we tend to provide services beyond our clients imagination which keeps them returning and referring us. We often infuse creativity and flexibility into our product offering which our customers appreciate.



What are some of the challenges you have faced so far in building your brand?

There has been several challenges faced which we often find ways to overcome

some of which Include

unstable Govt policies, inflation and regular price changes. poor* *Human capital issues

very high bank charges.

Some of these are results of our countries economy but we will keep putting in our best to improve and surmount this challenges.



What can be done to encourage more women to take up roles in POWER in Nigeria?

I Will advise the Govt to keep providing soft landings for the female gender starting from our schools. encourage more ladies to take on Engineering & Technology courses Provide scholarship for technical courses to encourage women.

Erase that stereotype that such jobs are for men only. women tend to bring in creativity into such business environments.


What business lessons did you learn along the way In building Powergen Engineering?

I Learnt alot over the past years but two major lessons to share here is:

Consistency and integrity is very vital in business. Never go into business without those two ingredients. It will sustain you as you go along.


You need Human beings to sustain a good business so maintain good human relationships and never burn bridges.


Now, when you decided to establish Powergen Engineering in 2008, were you ever afraid of how you will succeed on this journey you chose?

Yes That’s a typical experience for entrepreneurs when starting your business.Yes I was scared but I remained focused. Most times the fear of the unknown, banks are not willing to hear you or support your proposals for lack of business history forgetting you start somewhere.

Companies don’t know the name so they may not consider you.

But all thanks to Friends and family who believed in our capability and gave us the platform to operate without fear.

we enjoyed Bill’s for collections and several support that the brand leveraged upon to grow.


In the next 10 years, what can we expect from Powergen Engineering?

In the next Decade we expect to See POWERGEN achieve or be closer to fulfilling its vision as an* *independent Power provider with Automated solutions where you can book your services just like what Uber does today from the comfort of your home.