The Founder of Focused Girls’ Moral Regeneration Initiative (NGO), Mrs Ajoke Erogbogbo- Gbeleyi, a rtd Director/H.O.D (Feb. 2016 – Feb. 2018) Private Education & Special Programmes of the Lagos State Ministry of Education has reiterated her NGO’s commitment to the vision of moral re- armament in African Teenagers and the society at large through another giant stride with the release of her NGO’s song titled ‘Focused Girl.’

Focused girl song starts with a powerful mission statement and the readiness to make significant impact, on how to curb moral decadence.

The NGO hopes that this song will be embraced by millions of boys and girls across Africa starting from our beloved country, Nigeria , in order to curb the undue peer pressure and influence of the influx of unguarded literature in recent times particularly through the Internet.

African youths must arise and lead their countries aright by embracing moral regeneration, the strongest force and foundation to greater glory.


Focused Girls’ Song, produced by David Awoseso of Dave Music House Production is written by Ajoke Erogbogbo-Gbeleyi,

Oladapo Gbeleyi & Nanya Ijeh.

The song, Focused Girls is poised to convince as many boys and girls as possible to embrace the path of rectitude in a permissive society and also persuade as many boys as possible to stop making girls endangered species in a world of uncontrolled permissiveness.


The Non – governmental organisation intends to get endorsement from the corporate sector, Federal & State Governments (including their Schools), Higher Institutions of learning and Private Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as concerned Individuals, for a wide outreach across Nigeria and Africa with a view to inculcating worthy ideals in the minds of the present and future leaders, who need consistent guidance to stay off all forms of vices, for their healthy and spiritual development, those of others and the society at large, including the upcoming generations.


Please download this link  and circulate:


For further enquiry on distribution of hard copies, please visit our web site – www. focused or send an email to

Mrs. Ajoke Erogbogbo-Gbeleyi

GSM: 08033288386