LaTru Anderson – Moshood is a certified Makeup Artist, Yoni herbs certification and soon to be a certified Lash extension technician.

She is the CEO of Tru Crownsup International.

She has lived in the United States for many years and decided to return back to Nigeria to expand her business called Tru Crownsup International.

She Studied at New Skills Academy and also at Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics (SWINA).

In this Interview with Oyinlola Sale, La Tru Anderson-Moshood tells us how she left the United States of America to Start up Tru Crownsup International in Nigeria.


Now tell us about your journey into creating Tru Crownsup International?

My journey starts as a young girl watching my mom, aunties, cousins putting on makeup and clothes, it’s a girlie thang, right!!! My creating TCI encompasses my experiences, lessons learned, tragedies, joys and accomplishments throughout my life. Growing up in America in the 80’s, there wasn’t many positive images of beautiful black women for young black girls to emulate.

I didn’t know how to love my skin, so all through my life I watched and imitated woman I respected, but still not unlocking their secret to being beautiful! I was introduced to makeup when I was 26 years old, single Mom with 3 children, working at an office and going to school. I wanted more from my inner self but had no way to communicate with her.

Cosmetics was my link between me and my “crown” (the unapologetic inner soul). Makeup can be intimidating to a woman of any age. It’s not just putting colors together. It’s art! It is the secret language of woman everywhere and we are learning to tap into it.

When we use makeup daily or occasionally, we are communicating with our “crown”! How often do you stop to listen to your crown? Or adjust it? I created Tru Crownsup International (TCI) to help women everywhere to be knowledgeable about their crown. We are teaching Queens how to connect cosmetics and healthy skincare to believing they have the most powerful position in their own life.

Can you elaborate on the Opportunities in the beauty industry?

Learning about the science behind cosmetics and the complex ingredients gives you, the consumer, the power! Power to understand how to polish your own crown. What works for one crown may not work for another. We are all wonderfully made! Also, I have had the opportunity to meet some fabulous Creators both online and in person.

I have learned Hollywood hacks and tricks of the trades. Being in the industry I have expanded my knowledge and skills for Lash Extensions both Classic and volumes Lashing and Teeth Brightening for that stunning smile, whilst specializing in weddings and special events makeovers. There is an array of categories and options for every skin type or desired look. It’s not just about the products but also the best tools and techniques to achieve the highest quality of looks. We want every Queen to polish her own crown!



What are some of the challenges you have faced so far in running TCI?

Money, Support, consistency, doubt, fear, Relationships – you name it, I’ve been dealing with it! There is a fabulous book suggested to me by my former therapist called, “DARING GREATLY” BY BRENE BROWN. This book changed my thinking, my understanding of my life…this book is deep! I was exposed to my true inner self! It wasn’t easy but in order to build my company with resilience and dedication and integrity, I had to instill those core values within myself first…You see that is the real challenge! All those things I mentioned above are mere symptoms of the real problem…ME! Once I was able to sit down with my wounds and listened to my gremlins (negative thinking) could I then begin to see the solution. You see that is the power of the Queen – knowing her position in life will give her the confidence to make moves pawns can’t.



How many women have you trained so far and what way has it made an impact in your sector?

I have had the privilege to help many queens! Ranging from 18 years of age to 75 yrs. young. My experiences with them have afforded me with confidence in my approach other opportunities. Learning how a person thinks and their views, helps the creator to envision the client’s desired look. When I can hear a client’s review whether good or bad, not only does it make me feel good to give them a beautiful face but also it helps me to critique my skills and expose and strengthen my weaknesses. It drives my passion!



How did you manage to finance TCI in its early days?

My career choice was Paralegal Studies/Executive Administration of Law. I graduated from Sanford Brown College with Associates Degree, then pursued my bachelor’s studies at DeVry University in Justice Administration Federal Law. I ended my career leaving a Law Firm of 3 years to pursue my passion of makeup and skin care. My Father passed away Dec. 23rd and it took a toll on my mental to watch the man that raise me take his last breath of life. We had a long talk before he left me and one thing, I learned is to be myself and pursue my passions with no apologies.

I made the decision to start my company then, no sooner did the pandemic started 1 month after I registered my business. I hustled even harder and continued to thrive every day. In September 2020, I decided to relocate to Nigeria to launch from Tru Crownsup, LLC to TCI – TRU CROWNS INTN’L, expanding my services and experience worldwide.


So, what makes TCI to stand out during the crowd?

TCI is not just playing in makeup; we are creating a language for queens all over the world to connect and relate to one another. We want to change the narrative from needing makeup to be confident and feeling valued to ‘WHO AM I GOING TO BE TODAY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY?


Were you ever afraid when you ventured into the beauty industry?

By nature, I am an extrovert, but life has turned me into an introverted person. I love having fun in whatever I put my mind to task to do, not for attention but because that is my personality. So, working through my gremlins (negative thoughts) I push thru and tap into my creative side and take that fear and doubt and turn it into ambitious, hungry and fearless beast.

Beauty is the Beast in my fairytale. I needed that confidence to take risks in this industry. There is a lot of talented creators and makeup artist out there. But they are not my competition, I AM…so I unleash that beast and she is amazing! I am afraid all the time, but then again, I learned to embrace fear and love taking risks in life. My biggest fear is all in my own head, so I control the fear. Knowledge is power!



What is your plan for TCI in the next 5 years?

We hope to continue to educate queens all over the world and connect them to their own crown. TCI has created zoom classes to educate and connect queens in the right direction for whatever look they are wanting to achieve and perfecting their skincare journey and most importantly polishing their crowns. We are expanding our services, MUA’s are also wanted to collab with us, to promote our mission. We are as strong as we believe we are. Remember, “In the game of chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board.” Know your worth!